About us

Welcome to PMB Industries Ltd. – one of the leading plastic processing and recycling companies in  Europe.
Since the foundation of the company in 2007, PMB Industries Ltd. has grown to become an expert in all aspects of plastics recycling with production capacity significantly increasing every year.

Based in the city of Pazardjik, Bulgaria, the company has adapted to new markets and usages in plastics recycling, maintaining its core business to purchase scrap plastics in various forms and process it so that it can be used again.

PMB Industries Ltd. select, collect, sort and recycle used plastics fractions directly from industries or consumer streams in Europe. The end product is high quality PP (Polypropylene), HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) granules, suitable for various different applications, such as extrusion, blow molding and injection molding.

Quality and stability are the most important and each product is tested in own modern laboratory. PMB Industries Ltd. possesses all the necessary certificates that customers may require.

As a plastic recycling company, PMB Industries Ltd. actively promote green production through recycling, resource savings, and continue its efforts to make greater contributions to a green environment.

The company is constantly modernizing its production technologies and is thus able to offer competitive prices and pay special attention to the needs of its customers.


  • Actively promote green production through recycling and resource savings
  • Strive to make greater contribution to a green environment
  • Constantly modernize its production technologies
  • Continually expand the range of products
  • Provide a continuous outlet with competitive pricing to its scrap vendors
  • Offer competitive prices and pay special attention to the needs of the customers