Sourced materials

We accept different plastic waste – either film or rigid plastics. We look for vendors such as waste management and recycling companies, manufacturers and retailers who have waste plastic to sell.

The products listed below are just a few examples of the types of plastic waste that we purchase:

  • Post-industrial plastics
  • End of life plastic products
    • – Plastic crates and trays
    • – Utility pipes
    • – Plastic barrels and drums
  • Post-consumer plastics
    • – HDPE/PP bottles in bales
    • – HDPE flakes
    • – LDPE film in bales
    • – Mixed plastic in bales
  • Plastic packaging materials

If you have anything available which may be of interest to us, please call or contact us.

We prefer the material to be packed on bales, but we can also accept material packed in various ways including pallets, etc.

We will discuss this with you when arranging transportation.

We check the origin and quality of the offered material and always verify the weight at delivery.