We always focus on quality – no matter whether it concern incoming materials or its end-products – as well as in continuous improvement in all company operations.

PMB Industries Ltd. has a comprehensive quality management system to ensure manufacturing product stability. Our quality control laboratory furnished with state-of- the-art testing and diagnostic equipment is able to verify a number of material properties.

Company`s target is to provide quality services that meet the requirements of our customers and demonstrate our commitment to their needs.

  • Quality stability is the most important and every end-product is tested in our own modern laboratory, equipped with state-of- the-art mechanical and electronic testing devices.
  • Physical properties of each batch are determined providing feedback to suppliers and assurance of quality to customers.
  • We constantly invest in our laboratory experts` skills, expertise and the testing equipment in use.
  • The established quality management system provides a reliable framework capable to monitor and improve performance.


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